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Personalised Wrap Ring

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We all have a memory or person close to our hearts.. and now you can bring them closer than ever! Personalise your ring with the name of that special someone, coordinates of that meaningful place, a date to remember or a word/phrase that means something to you. 

The adjustable ergonomic feature allows for size customisation and maximum comfort for your finger, not to mention the lightweight and durable elements of the ring, enhancing the durability and good feeling.

  • Styles: Choose between a smooth or hammered look, the choice is yours! All aspects of the creation and personalisation process is handmade. Personalisation is optional. 
  • Material: 3mm thick aluminium treated and polished for maximum durability and allowing a stunning shine. Please refrain from getting wet.
  • Engraving: Every individual ring is hand stamped here in the UK, no machinery involved!