Founded in 2020, Jewellery Hut provides premium handmade jewellery which is created and designed by myself and our small team of passionate and talented individuals. Since I was young I have always been fascinated by the aesthetics of jewellery, the process of creation and the workmanship behind it.

Tired of not being able to find high quality, affordable and unique jewellery, I decided to take the leap and create my own designs, experimenting with dozens of materials and techniques with the aim of turning my passion into a reality. Years of endless research, hundreds of different designs and a significant amount of resilience later, I am able to share my passion with you all, 


We are greatly inspired by the idea of remembering moments, people and places in a unique and meaningful way. Inspiration combined with positive feedback resulted in the creation of personalised cuff bracelets and rings. These are some of our favourite products, allowing you to keep that special memory or person closer than ever. We are striving tirelessly to create new designs to express your memories and experiences in an eye catching way.  


At Jewellery Hut, our vision is more than the high quality jewellery we design, its about the wonderful feeling it gives you. Our jewellery is not to enjoy for a short time, but a lifetime.

Our luxurious, handcrafted and affordable jewellery puts a smile on your face in the best way we know how. We believe everybody needs to not only look amazing, but feel amazing.

Today is just the beginning and we welcome you on our journey.

Kirsty Wakefield-Burnet, Founder